Recapturing Our Culture

Posted on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 8:15 am by Rudy

"Recapturing Our Culture" is a Collaborative effort between jeweler Rudy Rihner of Rihner's Jewelers and artist Shannon Marie Loup. As residents of Plaquemines Parish, we have a true love for the culture so near and dear to the people of Louisiana. The thought of the lives lost, and the people and animals affected by the Deep Water Horizon oil spill is the determination behind our campaign. Although it won't measure up to the hard work and effort of our parish president, other leaders, concerned citizens and volunteers, we wanted to help out in a way that we are passionate about - jewelry and art!!! The collection of jewelry includes unisex pendants, cuff links, tie tack, lapel pin, ring and bracelet. Signed and numbered silkscreen prints are also available. A portion of the proceeds from print and jewelry sales will be donated to The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

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